​​Jane George



  1. Annual Member's Show, Printmaking Council of NJ, 2010
  2. Adjunct Faculity Exhibition, School of Visual and Performing Arts, Kean University, Union, NJ, 2009
  3. Union County Artists, Rahway Arts Guild, 2007
  4. Woman Art, presented by the American Association of University Women, Summit, NJ, 2004
  5. The Cryptic Canvas: An Exhibition of Paintings at Seton Hall Law School, Newark, NJ, presented by City Without Walls Gallery, 2001
  6. Centennial Exhibition, Visual Arts Center of NJ, 1999​

  1. Worlds at Mondo Summit, NJ 2015
  2. ​New Providence Library, 2007
  3. Dryfoos Gallery at Kean University, 2006
  4. Les Malamut Art Gallery, Union Library, Union, New Jersey, 2000
  5. HEART Grant Exhibition, Overlook Hospital, Summit, New Jersey, 1999
  6. Palmyra Art Gallery, Bound Brook, New Jersey, 1999

I am inspired by Nature. I paint and draw natural forms and landscapes. I create paintings and drawings in my studio using natural objects, plant forms, shells, bones and other forms. I attempt to find the lyrical and the mysterious in what I see. I also use digital photography as my sketch book, taking my camera into the landscape. I then develop large paintings from my "sketches" using these images as a source for the final piece. I am fascinated by the movement, patterns, and colors found in the natural world.​


She is a prominent artist who has won multiple awards in the art world. In 1991 She won the  NJ State Council of the Arts and in 1999 and 2004 she won the HEART Grant recipient. 

Solo Exhibitions                                                        Group Exhibitions                  

  • MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art, 1969
  • BFA, Carnegie Mellon University, 1962
  • Further studies at Women's Studio Workshop, Rosendale, NY​ and The Center for Book Arts, Manhattan.